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Water transmission lines, wastewater and treatment plants

Water transmission lines, wastewater and treatment plants

Based on our technical and systematic capabilities, we have had experiences in inspecting water transmission lines, municipal and rural water and wastewater installations and water treatment plants according to international and national standards.

We have had long term and wide activities in various sections of water transmission line inspection such as level one inspection of a steel pipes, coating and insulation of steel pipes, level one inspection of a transmission line valves, inspection of connections, inspection of cathode protection systems and so on. In this activities we have been able to exhibit excellent and durability performance.

We have become highly experienced by applying AWWA, ASTM, BS, EN, ISO, DIN, INSO / ISIRI standards related to water transfer projects, and thus we can apply these experiences to similar projects in the national interests by promoting quality of products under manufacturing.

We have also involved with the water and wastewater projects including areas of inspection of polyethylene pipes, Corrugated pipe, and fittings and in the field of filtration facilities such as Control Panel, Dirt stuck, Chlorination, sealing valves, filter press, classifiers, diesel generators, mixers, cables and etc. and our experience can be effective in improving the quality of similar projects.

  • Water transmission lines projects
  • Water and wastewater projects
  • Water treatment plant projects
  • Mastery of relevant standards at international and national level for sake of many years of use and application
  • Preserving and preference of public interests over group interests and Unprofessional Expediencies
  • Complete compliance with uncompromising working standards, without recommendation and without any Influence of pressure
  • One hundred percent confidence in results of the inspection
  • Providing excellent quality inspection work
  • Providing functional and visual reports
  • Providing detailed explanations in reports to facilitate and expedite the process of non-conformity resolving
  • Providing statistical and analytical reports as and when appropriate