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We comply with the HSE requirements in all our activities and are committed to provide the safety, health and safety of the environmental protection.

Arad company also due to many years of its experiences has extensive activities in the field of HSE and so far has taken an effective step in this regard by holding extensive and comprehensive training courses.

Our company has been providing analytical reports based on risk assessment by innovating in inspection services. These reports have made the results of technical inspections persuasive and touchable for those who are not directly involved in these issues and have been very effective and applicable in this regard.

  • HSE standards
  • Requirements of HSE for Contractors
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management
  • Inspection based on Risk Assessment
  • Quantitative risk assessment
  • Health Professional
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety at work (different fields and areas)
  • MSDS
  • Environmental risk assessment and management
  • Waste management
  • Passive Defense and Crisis Management
  • Providing general and specialized training
  • Identifying all risks in all sectors and levels of society
  • Promoting HSE culture
  • Distribution a culture of safety, health and environmental protection
  • Removing and minimizing general hazards(risks)
  • Removing and minimizing professional hazards(risks)
  • Training HSE principles from an early age