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Tourism & Leisure

Tourism & Leisure

Tourism and leisure in a safe and healthy environment will be a pleasant and happy environment if it is accompanied by environmental protection. Therefore, parks should be safe for recreation and taking a walk in there and provide public health and the environment.

As one of the leading companies in the field of securing and confirmation issuance for recreational and park equipment, we make the public recreation centers and environments safe by mastery of the relevant standards and enjoying valuable experiences. We protect interests of manufacturers, owners, users, and so on by eliminating risks and dangers and reducing costs while assisting in promoting tourism and leisure.

We aim to make ARAD a symbol of reassurance and peace of mind for the general public, and people will be more confident to enter recreation centers and parks after seeing the standard certification issued by ARAD.

Ensuring safety in the parks and securing all children's play equipment and installations is possible only through the implementation of National Standards Series 6436 and 6437, and any non-compliance with these standards will result in life-threatening risks. Therefore, secure parks and recreational equipment are public demand and should be pursued by all consumers and people.

Due to our many years of experience and scientific and practical background we evaluate urban space and furniture with inspections based on national and international standards as well as risk assessment, and identify any potential risks and by presenting unique and functional reports, we provide city and park safety guides.

We are committed to provide safety of our national and international ski resort users, including Dizin, Tochal, Shemshak and Darband, and we have performed our mission in the best possible way, at the highest and upmost level of standards for many years.

There have been inspected more than 10000 units of equipment in the recreational centers and parks of the country including: Eram Tehran, El Goli Tabriz, Isfahan City of Dreams, Ramsar, Lahijan, Chalidereh Mashhad, Mashhad Mellat, Mashhad Water Waves Land, Chamran Karaj, Baghlar Baghi Tabriz and thousands more complexes.

We have only left one effect to the relic : the guaranteed safety of users by upgrading the quality of equipment and services

Inspection of recreational equipment

Cable-way Inspection (Telecabin, Telesiege, Teleski)

  • Non-destructive inspection and testing of pedestrian bridge structures
  • Non-destructive inspection and testing of urban panel structures
  • Inspection and Risk Assessment of Urban Signage Installation locations
  • Inspection of all urban furniture based on risk assessment
  • Inspection of children's play equipment in the parks
  • Inspection of Installed sports equipment outdoors
  • Assistance in providing a safe and risk-free city
  • Creating a safe environment for children leisure
  • Creating a reassuring environment for parents to the safety of children's recreation
  • Attracting tourists to our safe cities due to the safety details