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Criteria for Energy Consumption

Criteria for Energy Consumption

Fossil resource constraints, high annual energy consumption growth in Iran, technical and economic inefficiency of energy consumption and waste of energy in the processes of consumption and the growing environmental problems, have revealed the necessity of energy consumption management and promotion of efficiency and productivity.

In this regard, according to Article 121 of the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan Act, in order to apply energy saving, rationalize energy consumption and protect the environment, the government is obliged to formulate criteria and technical specifications related to energy consumption in equipment, processes and energy consumption systems and residential and non-residential buildings.

Therefore, national standards of 14253 for residential buildings, 14254 for non-residential buildings and 14300 for commercial greenhouses have been developed.

Our company is licensed by the National Accreditation Center of Iran (National Organization for Standardization of Iran) to provide services in three areas of Criteria for Energy Consumption: inspection of residential buildings, non-residential buildings and commercial greenhouses.

  • Energy consumption criteria inspection of residential buildings according to national standard of 14253
  • Energy consumption criteria inspection of non-residential buildings according to national standard of 14254
  • Energy consumption criteria inspection of commercial greenhouses according to national standard of 14300.
  • Mastery of relevant standards at international and national level for the sake of many years of use and application
  • Preserving and preference public interests over group interests and Unprofessional Expediencies
  • Complete compliance with uncompromising working standards, without recommendation and without any Influence of pressure
  • One hundred percent confidence in results of inspection
  • Providing excellent quality inspection work
  • Assurance and peace of mind about energy consumption
  • Reductions energy costs
  • Increasing the efficiency of energy systems related to building and commercial units
  • Providing functional and visual reports
  • Providing detailed explanations in reports to facilitate and expedite the process of non-conformity resolving
  • Providing statistical and analytical reports as and when appropriate