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Considering the valuable experience gained in various fields of inspection and testing, sufficient knowledge and experience acquired in technical tests, Arad Engineering Inspection Company provides diverse laboratory services including non-destructive tests, supervision of destructive tests, periodic testing of CNG dispenser nozzle, and ...

The importance of test services is can be seen in more manufacturing and installation projects, and usually the major errors in manufactured products are due to negligence and insufficient attention to inspection and required tests during construction.

Given that Arad has been involved in large-scale projects such as water transmission lines, equipment manufacturing and industrial installations, and has mastered national and international standards related to these tests, it can play a decisive role in final quality of construction projects.

  • Non-destructive tests (Non-destructive tests by VT, PT, MT, UT, RTI)
  • party monitoring of destructive tests
  • Periodic testing of CNG dispenser nozzles distributers
  • Complete conformity with requirements without conciliation and acceptance of any recommendation or  pressure and force
  • Deep consideration of the public interests in all professional judgments
  • Emphasizing safety to maintain public health and safety
  • Emphasizing quality to increase performance efficiency of a product and reduce its associated costs
  • Observing the rights of all stakeholders (builders, owners, users, Supervisory bodies, public interests)
  • Ultimate accuracy in service delivery
  • Provide inspection services in a short time
  • Provide quality and functional inspection reports(providing Illustrated reports, documented reports based on requirements)