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Automotive (Vehicle)

Automotive (Vehicle)

Our company provides inspection services with the approval of the National Accreditation Center of Iran in the field of vehicle type approval (TA) and conformity of production (COP).

Based on National Standard of 6924, type approval is the process by which the certification authority certifies whether a type of vehicle, system, component or separate technical assembly, satisfy technical requirements and applicable regulations relevant to national reference standard No. 6924  or separate standards.

Conformity of production, continuous products manufacturing capability according to specifications, safety and performance specifications, quality requirements and marking are subject to type approval.

Type Approval and conformity of production is carried out by conducting tests, reviewing and analyzing test reports and documents, as well as periodic inspections of production line processes.

  • Type Approval Inspection Service Based on National Standard 6924
  • Inspection services based on vehicle a85
  • Inspection services of Conformity of Production
  • We consider public and long-term interests in our inspections and do not sacrifice safety and quality for immediate or short-term interests.
  • Our inspection leads to the production of a product that is fully compliant with world-class standards.
  • Our inspection results in preserving of the credibility and brand of the manufacturers.
  • Our inspection is aimed at preserving the capital of equipment owners.
  • The results of our inspection provide general health, environmental protection and safety as a primary principle and provide consumers with comfort and confidence.