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We hold applied, knowledge-based, and skill-based training courses, relying on own scientific and practical background. Our courses are hold according to the compiled lesson plans based on the educational needs, job requirements of the participants, and educational goals.

Arad Engineering Inspection Company holds specialized courses in the fields of Mechanics, Metallurgy, Electrical and Electronics, Medical Engineering and Quality Management Systems, at national level, with the approval of the Iranian National Standard Organization.

We select the lecturer with the utmost care in assessing his scientific, empirical abilities, and mastering his teaching techniques, and consider conducting an effective course the result of our work.

  • Holding  training courses in the field of mechanical and metallurgical standards
  • Holding training courses in the field of  electrical and electronic standards
  • Holding training courses in the field of  medical engineering
  • Holding training courses in the field of quality management systems
  • Holding HSE training courses
  • Holding specialized courses required by organs and organizations
  • Holding specific training courses for contractors
  • Our courses are targeted
  • Our courses are applicable
  • Our courses are not symbolic and should produce a desirable output
  • Our courses are effective
  • Our courses are organized according to a compiled and rigorous program
  • Our courses are not just theory