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Arad Co

Arad Engineering Inspection Company (ARAD CO.), established in 2015, has started its activities in various fields of technical inspection and standardization through implementing a quality management system based on  ISO / IEC17020, creating appropriate management structures and specialized human resources, and cooperation of experienced, promising personnel.

Being approved by the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI), we are one of the leading companies in the field of inspection, testing, approval and issuance of certification thanks to many years of experience in the field of technical inspection and relying on the rich and valuable experience of our personnel in national and international standards.

Commitment, deep attention to meet our customers’ needs and full implementation of the Standards are the core policies of our company employees.

Our inspection is a step to assure you of safety and quality. Safety, assurance and quality bring maximized performance.

Aware of general and environmental aspects of our performance, we must have the scientific and experimental capability and an undeniable commitment to protect public and private interests, while ensuring health, safety and environmental issues, and finally play our influential role for the present and future generations in the best way we can.

Technical and engineering assistance in the assurance of the public safety, the continuous quality improvement of goods and services, creation of a prosperous environment and the enhancement of professional human capital

Providing World-Class inspection services through gaining an up-to-date knowledge of standards and equipping advanced tools, developing inspection and laboratory services in all areas

1-An honest serving of customers and the community in terms of safety and quality

2-Emphasis on the Excellence and Reliability of Services

3- Conscientiousness, honesty, transparency and moral values in all aspects of business

4- A sense of social responsibility

5- An innovation based on science and knowledge, and not imitation

6- Hard working, continuous self-improvement and productivity