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Filling Stations

Filling Stations

Continuous and intermittent inspections are considered crucial in CNG refueling stations due to high gas pressure and consequently probable irreparable risks in case of any minor defects and.

Therefore, Iranian National Standards Organization, in cooperation with the CNG project management of the country, have required these refueling stations to be inspected annually where Arad Inspection Company is one of the most capable and experienced companies in this field.

Inspection of CNG refueling stations is carried out in accordance with national standards of 7829 and 12054. The tanks installed at these sites are also inspected visually based on national standard of 9426 and then thoroughly inspected according to national standard of 6792.

The inspection process of CNG refueling stations initiates at the request of the owner / operator through CNG Stations supervision system and continues as the inspection company determines.

In addition, according to requirements of relevant national standards, storage cylinders with more than 6 years of life should undergo complementary tests, including hydrostatic testing, in one of the laboratories of the National Accreditation Center of Iran according to ISO / IEC 17025. Refer to the CNG Stations Supervision System address to request a CNG station inspection.

  • Inspection based on the specific critical factors checklist
  • Inspection based on the approved check list of the Iranian National Standards Organization
  • Visual inspection of cylinders
  • Supervising hydrostatic tests in the laboratory
  • We consider public and long-term interests in our inspections and do not sacrifice safety and quality for immediate or short-term interests.
  • Our inspection ensures that a station acts fully compliant with relevant standards and is safe.
  • Our inspection results in preservation of the manufacturers’ credibility and brand.
  • Our inspection is aimed at preserving the capital of the equipment owners.
  • The result of our inspections is a long-term and effective endurance at the time of operation.
  • The result of our inspection is the equipment performance with the lowest maintenance costs.
  • Our inspection results in costs reduction and profit increase of users.
  • Our inspection ensures users safety to a 100% and gives them peace of mind.
  • Registration in the website of Standard Supervision of Compressed Natural Gas Stations at Iranian National Standards Organization website.
  • Contacting the determined inspection company and settling the relevant costs
  • Certificate of operators and technicians
  • Certificate of Earth connection (Earthing) measurement for Earth web and Lightning arrester
  • Certificate of calibration of dispenser flow meter
  • Certification of calibration of all equipment and instrumentation sensors
  • Approval and Certification of Hoses, Nozzles, Breakaway by Maintenance & Repair Company (view original sheets)
  • Maintenance & Repair contract with one of the licensed companies
  • Operation Contract for Governmental gas stations
  • Notarized Commitment to Hydrostatic Testing of cylinders and Valve maximum additional flow
  • Ten dates of daily LOG SHEETs where the replacement date of hoses, nozzles, breakaway and repairs are stated in them.