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Passenger Carriage Cableways (Telecabin, Telesiege) are used for sports, amusement and in some cases for industrial applications. Therefore, due to the importance of safety issues, obtaining a standard certification for them is mandatory.

Arad Engineering Inspection Company is the first inspection company in the country that has been certified by the National Accreditation Center of Iran  (National Standards Organization of Iran) and has been providing inspection services in this field since 2015.

Our company has executed and completed numerous projects in construction, installation and operational phases benefiting from its experienced specialists.

Due to the wide range of sciences involved in Cable-ways (mechanics, electrics, instrumentations, civil engineering, materials, etc.) inspection of these products has become more complex and our company has played an important role in the quality of their performance while providing their safety in its own activity records.

The basis for cableways inspections and certification is the 23 fold national standards, which are in line with European 23 fold Standards (EN).

We provide cableways inspection services by three specialized teams (mechanical, electrical, civil), NDT and the design topics.

In order to complete the inspection and testing services of cableways, our company has provided magnetic flux leakage test (MFL) equipment of steel ropes and required training by international instructors to present  MRT test services after obtaining the necessary qualifications such as technical knowledge,  required skills and Enough experience.

We have licensed the operation of the following complexes and we guarantee the safety of these complexes under observance of the terms of the license and continuous and effective service and maintenance principles.

Three lines of Tochal cabins in the years of 95, 96 and 98, Eram Telesiege in the years 96 , 97 and 98, Chalidereh Telesiege of Mashhad in the years 95 , 96 , 97 and 98, Ramsar Telecabin in the years 97 and 98, Lahijan Telecabin in the years 96 and 98, Nazhwan Telesiege of Isfahan  in the year 97, Kish Telecabin and Telecabin of Tehran Islamic Azad University of Science and Research under construction, as well as cableways by the list: Dizin Peak Telecabin , Dizin Peak Telesiege , and Dizin Ski Lawn Telesiege , Aftab Telesiege, Mahtab Telesiege of The Shemshak Ski Resort and the Isfahan Safeh Telesiege are also under inspection.

Refer to the  Iran Standardization of Amusement Devices website address for cableways  inspections.

Photo Gallery of cableway and ropeway Inspection

  • Review of manufacturing and production plan of Parts
  • General review and evaluation of design documentation, maps and specifications of cableways
  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual review
  • Inspection of manufacturing and production process
  • Inspection of mechanical systems
  • Inspection of electrical, electronic and instrumentation components
  • Welding and materials inspection
  • Inspection of the process of installation and assembly of cable way systems
  • Cable way Functional Tests
  • Inspection at the origin, purchase, pre-shipment and destination
  • Inspection before operation and during operation
  • Risk-based inspection
  • We consider public and long-term interests in our inspections and do not sacrifice safety and quality for immediate or short-term interests.
  • Our inspection leads to production of a product that is fully compliant with world-class standards.
  • Our inspection results in preserving the credibility and brand of the manufacturers
  • Our inspection is aimed at preserving capital of the owners.
  • The result of our inspections is long-term and effective at the time of operation.
  • The result of our inspection is good performance of the cableway set with the lowest maintenance costs.
  • Our inspection completely ensures users safety and gives them peace of mind.
  1. Request for Inspection through the Standardization System of Recreational Centers on the Iranian National Standards Organization Website: Cableway Supervision System
  2. Results and Interpretation of Magnetic Flux Test
  3. Results of lock slide tests for 25% of locks per year
  4. Obtaining the necessary approval for the fall of boulders and avalanches from competent authorities
  5. licenses and approvals of earthing
  6. lightning arrester licenses and approvals
  7. The Megger test which means the cable insulation test
  8. Providing approval from the Electricity Authority for those complexes that have not complied the privacy of power transmission lines.
  9. Performing performance tests, Vibration test results, loading results and gearbox proper performance
  10. Submit repair results and report to inspection company if gearbox is repaired.
  11. Approval of the civil engineer
  12. Maps of Lock parts  by identifying sensitive parts
  13. Electrical maps of the system
  14. Longitudinal route profiles and mapping results
  15. Relief & Rescue Documentation
  16. Training Certificates
  17. Fire Organization Approval
  18. Incident and Maintenance Offices
  19. Filling in the checklists of operation routine
  20. Operating Instructions and Repair Booklets of the machine