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Machinery and Vehicles

Machinery and Vehicles

Providing safe transportation by reducing service costs, repairing and maintaining related machinery is a surefire way to save capital. In this regard, synchronization with the advanced countries in the field of technology and industry is considered a requirement and the only way to cover this matter is to comply with international standards.

Therefore full mastery of machinery and automotive standards and careful observance and without neglecting them can be a reliable guide for us in achieving a secure transportation system and enhancing the quality of our products and thereby enhancing international competitiveness.

We can provide significant technical and engineering assistance in the automotive and agricultural machinery, road construction, mining and so on by mastering the standards of machinery and automobiles and according to inspection background in numerous fields and attaining professional inspection position.

Vehicle type approval (TA) and conformity of production (COP)

Dual-fuel vehicles

  • Type approval inspection service of road vehicles according to national standard 6924
  • Inspection services according to 85 vehicles standards
  • Production compliance inspection services
  • Inspection of tractors and agricultural machinery
  • Inspection of Mining Machinery and Road Construction
  • We consider public and long-term interests in our inspections and do not sacrifice safety and quality for immediate or short-term interests.
  • Our inspection leads to the production of a product that is fully compliant with world-class standards.
  • Our inspection results in preserving of the credibility and brand of the manufacturers.
  • Our inspection is aimed at preserving the capital of the equipment owners.
  • The results of our inspection provide general health, environmental protection and safety as a primary principle and provide consumers with comfort and confidence.