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Seamless steel cylinders

Seamless steel cylinders

Seamless steel cylinders are inspected according to the national standard of 6792. Considering the importance and application of these cylinders, including in gas-fired vehicles and CNG refueling stations, inspection of these cylinders is very important.

Arad Engineering Inspection Company, taking advantage of many years of experience, expertise and related specialists in the field of inspection, operates through obtaining license of the National Accreditation Center of Iran.

The required expertise and commitment to inspect seamless steel cylinders, like any other field, is highly influential and any unprofessional judgment (non-expert and poisonous) will cause serious harm to safety and public resources.

Approval of defective cylinders will result in irreparable risks to the lives and property of the public and, on the other hand, failure to approve healthy repositories and in accordance with the standard will result in financial losses for owners. Therefore, inspection and expert teams must have sufficient knowledge and skills and avoid any unprofessional considerations.

  • Compliance with all the requirements of standard 6792
  • Supervision of hydrostatic tests in the laboratory of the test executer
  • Performing non-destructive ultrasonic test
  • Interpretation and comment on the performed tests results
  • Attachment of the approval label on the approved cylinders
  • Supervision of the process of Destruction
  • We consider public and long-term interests in our inspections and do not sacrifice safety and quality for immediate or short-term interests.
  • Our inspection results in preserving of the credibility and brand of the manufacturers.
  • Our inspection is aimed at preserving the capital of the equipment owners.
  • Our inspection ensures 100% user safety  and gives them peace of mind.