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Builders, vendors, active installation, managers and owners of buildings and even all users must be completely aware of the requirements (laws, regulations, and standards) of the elevator industry and comply with them based on their legal and juridical responsibility.

Elevator Parts Manufacturers: Manufacturers must manufacture and produce all their products in accordance with relevant standards and obtain a standard mark application license for those items having a compulsory standard from National Standard Organization of Iran.

Elevator Sales and Installation Companies: Elevator sales and installation companies must comply with all relevant requirements by full mastery of relevant standards, in particular National Standard 6303 -1 , in all their projects.

Specialists in Elevator Installation, Repair and Maintenance:  All elevator industry practitioners including technical managers, technicians, service personnel and others should be fully mastered with safety and legal requirements and standards, and should be able to provide a definite safety and desirable quality to their customers while observing their own safety at the time of installation and service delivery.

Building Owners / Managers: Owners and building managers have a serious responsibility for the equipment installed in buildings, especially the elevator, and must be aware of the legal requirements to ensure in use safety of the elevator.

Users: All elevator users should observe the safety points contained in the cabin plaque and be familiar with the terms of its safe use, and while protecting their health, they should demand using a safe and high-quality elevator and also provide necessary information to others.

In our country the standard of electric/traction elevators is mandatory and all elevators installed or in installation step must obtain the standard certification.

We provide inspection and certification services for elevators and over years we have been able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, perfect performance and effectiveness in this industry and have performed our mission of providing excellent public safety.

Refer to the elevator inspection management system link for requesting elevator inspection.

Please refer to the required forms link to obtain the documentation for completing and forming the cases.

Photo Gallery of Elevator Inspection

  • Inspection when manufacturing or producing lift components
  • Inspection during installation
  • Case inspections, especially when replacing components or changes in elevator specifications
  •  Periodic or annual inspections
  • Initial inspection after installation

100% Elevator Safety Supplying:  protecting of users' health  in certainly, removing all possible risks, making sure of usage, protecting of safety of service and maintenance personnel

elevator performance improvement: reduce  elevator failure and stop,   elevator desirable and defect less performance, reduces elevator maintenance costs, elevator high efficiency function

  1. Inspection Written Request or Registration of the Request in Elevator Inspection Management System on Iranian National Standard Organization Website: Elevator Inspection Management System
  2. Registering the required information including type and case of inspection
  3. Payment of Inspection costs Based on the Tariffs Approved by Iranian National Standards Organization According to the Link of Approved Tariff of Elevator Inspection or Elevator Inspection Tariff File
  4. Providing Elevator Technical Specifications and Self-declaration of Components approval (as Attached Forms)
  5. Offering map and calculations of the elevator (Requests should be made on the basis of new edits after 10/19/2018. 2. Offering maps and calculations for periodic inspection are not required.)
  6. One-year service and maintenance contract (1.The service and maintenance contract must be valid for at least one year. 2. The service and maintenance contract must be registered by the elevator company and submitted to the elevator inspection management system. The address of the project site, which should be serviced and maintained on a monthly basis, must be specified in the contract. 4. The following sentence should be stated in the Service and Maintenance Contract: "The Service and Maintenance Company shall be responsible for protecting and maintenance of the National license plate and National Elevator ID plate during the execution of this Contract. The service and maintenance company is also obliged to reinstall them in the cabin if the plates are damaged or removed during the execution of the contract).
  7. Elevator Holders' civil Liability Insurance Policy for Users (1. The issuance date of civil liability insurance can be up to 15 calendar days prior to the certification. 2. The insurer may be an elevator vendor or building owner, but the building manager or owners must be part of the stakeholders (without mentioning their name) of the insurance policy. 3. There should be written the address of the insured's place and the registration plaque in accordance with the building permit. 4. The capacity and number of stops must be stated in the insurance policy).
  8. Please refer to the required forms link to complete the documentation.
  9. If you have any questions about elevator inspection and related requirements you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions about elevator inspection or send your question to info@aradco.ir and receive your answer in less than 24 hours.