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Electrical equipment and instrumentation

Electrical equipment and instrumentation

Multi-year mastery and application of industrial standards, including mechanical equipment standards, has enabled us to provide Electrical equipment and instrumentation inspection services.

We facilitate maintenance by providing inspections according to international standards while improvement and upgrading the quality of commodities, services and preservation public and private capital and by reducing associated costs and increasing performance efficiency, we meet the maximum reliability of equipment maintenance.

In our inspections, the corrective actions needed to resolving non-conformity should be took by tracing origin of the non-conformity.  This means that the root cause of the non-conformity has been identified and completely eliminated and there is no possibility of its replication. As a result, wasting of the costs incurred is prevented.

We provide inspection services based on international and national standards including IEC and IPS for the following Electrical equipment and instrumentation.

Earthing & Lightning Arresting Systems, Explosion-Proof Equipment, Meters & Measuring Equipment, Controllers, Control Panel, cathode Protection & ...

Instrumentation standards, Electrical and Electronic Standards, F&G standards ,Earthing and Lightning Catcher Systems, Danger zones and Explosion-Proof Equipment, Meters and Measuring Equipment

Controllers, Command Boards, Electric motors, Electric Brakes, Cathode protection systems, Generators

  • Mastery of relevant standards at international and national level for sake of many years of use and application
  • Preserving and preference public interests over group interests and Unprofessional Expediencies
  • Complete compliance with uncompromising working standards, without recommendation and without any Influence of pressure
  • One hundred percent confidence in the results of the inspection
  • Providing excellent quality inspection work
  • Providing functional and visual reports
  • Providing detailed explanations in reports to facilitate and expedite the process of non-conformity resolving
  • Providing statistical and analytical reports as and when appropriate