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Our company supports authoring and compilation of specialized books, articles and pamphlets and considers promoting the standardization culture, public demand for safety and quality to be own legal and social responsibility.

Therefore, in recent years, it has supported authoring of numerous books, articles and educational pamphlets in various fields such as CNG stations, recreational equipment, elevators, non-destructive tests, cableways and more.

Further Our company has been providing complementary and interpretive reports, in addition to inspection reports in recent years and has been used effectively.

  • Sponsor of books compilation in the field of CNG Stations
  • Sponsor of compiling training pamphlets in the field of CNG Filling Stations
  • Sponsor of compiling educational pamphlets in the field of standard 8987 for recreational equipment
  • Sponsor of compiling of training pamphlets  in the field of cable-ways based on 23 standards
  • Sponsor of  training pamphlets  on welding inspection and non-destructive testing of recreational equipment
  • Sponsor of compilation of educational pamphlets on the basics of recreational equipment
  • Sponsor of compilation of hydraulic and pneumatic training pamphlets for recreational equipment
  • Sponsor of the compilation of educational pamphlets for recreational equipment operators
  • Promoting standardization culture
  • Promoting Applied Sciences
  • Promoting public safety claims
  • Assistance in promoting and improving the quality of goods and services
  • Requesting Collaboration in Books Authorship
  • Describing the title and headings of the book