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CNG Dispenser Nozzle Periodic Test

CNG Dispenser Nozzle Periodic Test

In order to protect consumer rights, the Iranian National Standards Organization has conducted a CNG Station Dispenser Nozzle Periodic Test.

This is important in order to prevent the rights of the owner of the station and the owners of dual-fuel vehicles being compromised.

Testing of CNG station dispensers is performed by inspection companies certified by the metrology center, weights and scales , and inspection companies provide the necessary services by having the necessary equipment and the use of specialized force.

Our company provides services in the field of CNG Dispenser Nozzle Periodic Test by providing the necessary equipment and many years of shiny experience in the field of CNG station inspection.

  • Performing test services as soon as possible
  • Providing applicable reports
  • Station owner's assurance of matching actual sales with read sales
  • Station owner's / operator's assurance of accurate sales and prevention of potential losses
  • Car owner's assurance of the amount of refueling done at the station