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Training and compilation

Training and compilation

Arad Engineering Inspection Company Training Center with the help of specialized and experienced lecturers, having the necessary training facilities, access to up-to-date educational resources of the world, and skill-based and knowledge-based training approaches after receiving    the certificate and attaining the ranked first nationally from National Standard Organization of Iran, it provides specialized - public education services and has so far been able to deliver numerous training courses in various industries with complete success and maximum effectiveness.

Today organizations management have made human resource empowerment a priority of organization. They have gone from human resources management to human capital management. This is possible only by developing the knowledge and skills of the staff. In this regard, Arad Engineering Inspection Company has gained valuable scientific and practical experiences during its activity due to its specialized fields of inspection. Arad Company offered them to the training courses participants in the form of experience, acquired skills and technical knowledge so far.

The courses of this company are basically organized according to the compiled lesson plans. This lesson plans is tailored to the needs of the organization, up-to-date technical knowledge based on current world necessities and occupational standards.

Our company is also involved in compilation and collection of educational books and pamphlets and has a significant stake in the development of national standards.