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Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

In the recent few years, we have been able to cooperate with the country's oil, gas and petrochemical industries through various services. Our services have been including traditional and advanced non-destructive testing, training and technical inspection.

In recent years, our company has gained valuable experiences and sufficient domination due to the continuous and repeated application of national and international standards in the field of various industries including petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries.

Considering the systemic, technical and scientific capabilities, our company can effectively cooperate with these industries, and due to high importance of safety and quality in these industries Arad Inspection Company's expertise and commitment can be effective and efficient.

We provide commodity inspection services, technical inspections (rotary and stationary Mechanical Equipment, electrical and electronic and Instrumentation), destructive test monitoring, QCP and ITP based manufacturing inspection, installation and assembly inspections and inspection during operation, inspections during overhaul, case inspections, quadruplet levels inspections, and so far we have had excellent and flawless performance in our areas of activity.

Our company's qualification is confirmed  in many fields including non-destructive tests, elevators, escalators, CNG refueling stations, seamless steel tanks, product inspection and sampling, vehicle type approval, dual fuel vehicles, energy consumption benchmarking and many more by the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI).

  • Inspection according to international and national standards
  • Inspection at different levels
  • Inspection at all stages of a commodity life (design, manufacturing, installation and assembly, operation and periodic)
  • Traditional and advanced non-destructive tests
  • Material and technical inspections
  • Inspection of fixed and rotary mechanical equipment
  • Inspection of electrical equipment and instrumentation
  • Product driven, process and component driven inspections
  • Mastery of relevant standards at international and national level for thanks to many years of use and application
  • Preserving and preferring public interests over group interests and Unprofessional Expediencies
  • Complete compliance with uncompromising working standards, without recommendation and without any Influence of pressure
  • One hundred percent confidence in the results of the inspection
  • Providing excellent quality inspection work
  • Providing functional and visual reports
  • Providing detailed explanations in reports to facilitate and expedite the process of non-conformity resolving
  • Providing statistical and analytical reports as and when appropriate