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Through establishing and implementing the quality management system, based on ISO / IEC17020, Arad Engineering Inspection Company provides third party and Type-A inspection services based on contractual requirements between the employer and the supplier, general and special rules and regulations, and standards.

Our inspection services (service, software, hardware and processed materials) throughout the product's life cycle i.e. all periods of pre-production / pre-manufacturing (design), production / manufacturing, installation and assembly, operation, periodic inspection and observation is provided.

Emphasizing safety and quality in all our inspection services, we provide highly important and impactful results such as health, safety, security and environmental protection for the general public.

  • Certification inspections
  • Conformity assessment inspections and quality assurance
  • Inspection at four common levels
  • Inspection at all stages of product life (design, manufacturing, installation, operation, periodic, maintenance)
  • Case inspection based on the employer’s request
  • Inspection according to national and international standards
  • Risk-based inspection
  • Complete conformity with requirements without conciliation and acceptance of any recommendation or pressure and force
  • Deep consideration of the public interests in all professional judgments
  • Emphasizing safety to maintain public health and safety
  • Emphasize quality to increase performance efficiency of a product and reduce its associated costs
  • Observing the rights of all stakeholders (builders, owners, users, supervisors, public interests)
  • Provide inspection services in a short time
  • Provide quality and functional inspection reports