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Infrastructure & Building

Infrastructure & Building

The most important index of a country's progress is the development of its infrastructure. Therefore, infrastructures such as roads, dams, energy, transportation, bridges, water and sewage, parks, etc. should be developed to the highest quality level and so inspecting companies should be armed to the highest global standards while being equipped with technologies and tools.

Our company has been active in various infrastructure sectors due to its many years of use of national and international standards and scientific and practical mastery and has played a significant role in this regard with the innovation in service delivery.

We have worked in various fields such as power plants, bridges, water transmission lines, water treatment plants, etc. and as a third party inspector we promoted the quality of the goods and facilities concerned.

Our inspection experiences include: In power plants: Provision of technical inspection services and non-destructive testing of equipment and installations, In the water and wastewater industry: Provision of inspection services at various stages of pipe manufacturing, valves and fittings, pipe coatings, cathode protection, pipes Polyethylene, water treatment plants, etc., In dams: providing inspection services for facilities.

  • Non-destructive inspection and testing of structural and industrial steel structures
  • Interpreting the results of destructive tests
  • Inspection of industrial valves and fittings
  • Inspection while manufacturing steel pipes
  • Inspection of coatings and insulation of pipes according to international standards and according to type of consumption
  • Inspection of polyethylene products
  • Inspection of treatment plants
  • Non-destructive inspection and testing of power plant equipment and installations
  • Inspection of cathode protection systems of water transmission lines
  • Mastery of relevant standards at international and national level for thanks to years of use and application
  • Preserving and preference public interests over group interests and Unprofessional Expediencies
  • Complete compliance with uncompromising working standards, without recommendation and without any Influence of pressure
  • One hundred percent confidence in results of the inspection
  • Providing excellent quality inspection work
  • Providing functional and visual reports
  • Providing detailed explanations in reports to facilitate and expedite the process of non-conformity resolving
  • Providing statistical and analytical reports as and when appropriate